Welcome to Freyaleigh Canine Weight Loss Centre

The UK’s First Health & Fitness Centre for Dogs

Steve & Rebecca have owned and run Freyaleigh Kennels & Cattery An image of Steve and Rebecca with Dogssince 2003 and in addition to the boarding facilities they already offer, they run the UK’s first Canine Weight Loss Centre. In the last few years, they have noticed an ongoing and increasing amount of overweight dogs, this is of grave concern for the future health and well being of these animals as your vet will confirm.

Freyaleigh Canine Weight Loss Centre can offer a variety of programmes to suit your dogs requirements, as well as a time-frame that fits in with your lifestyle and budget. We prefer to kick start your dogs fitness with a 3 week programme, so if you have any holidays planned you could enrol your pet at the same time as boarding them to help save on costs.

Freyaleigh offer a residential, rehabilitation programme for anyone concerned about their dog’s weight and fitness, which is on a Veterinary referral basis.

Why Chose Us?

  • We have experience in canine healthcare,including fitness and nutritional requirements.
  • We are dedicated in our chosen profession.
  • We have the willpower required to make the programme work for your dog.
  • Because we care.

“Obesity in pets is a very common, well recognised, wholly preventable and treatable condition. Shearbridge Vets are very pleased to endorse the efforts to help deal with weighty problems being made by Freyaleigh Kennels. A combination of a sensible exercise regime and a well planned diet can help to improve your pet’s general health and well being”

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